Female Empowerment Art Workshop


LYCKA Buurtkamer,

On November 26  I’ll be hosting another ‘By Frenchie’ painting workshop to honor all beautiful women and everyone who feels and/or identifies as a woman. Female empowerment, creative expression and all spaes and sizes of the female body is the main focus.

Through the workshops I would love to share my empowering message and teach women to paint their own body on a canvas ‘the Frenchie way’. The goal of the workshop is embracing empowerment, connecting with their bodies and with their creative side, all while having fun!

So, on November 26 you’re welcome to paint along in an exclusive art workshop – including my tips and tricks. To get the most empowerment and self confidence out of this workshop, please bring a photo of yourself to paint (on your phone, for your eyes only). If you don’t feel comfortable painting your own body, I’ll have some inspiration pictures available at the workshop.
The workshops includes the following:
Art supplies
Drinks & snacks
What should you bring?:
Yourself of course!
A picture of yourself to paint, or use one of the pictures at the workshop
A bag to bring your art home safe (canvas 30x40cm)
All you need to know:
Sunday November 26 14:00-17:00
Lycka Buurtkamer, Zaventemweg 81 Amsterdam
Only 16 tickets available
Ticketprice €50Sign up:

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