Dreams of Mongolia

7 March


“Dreams of Mongolia”

Let the paintings by Altan Namijm and folk songs performed Dairijav lead us into movement.

Dairijav is a freelance musician, born in Mongolian ancient capital Kharkhorin.
She plays traditional Mongolian music, folk songs. Currently living in Andalusia,Spain.
In addition to her own music, she is interested in Spanish national and popular music, and playing Spanish instruments together with other musical groups.

She is also working with work Mongolian “Ger” Yurts in Spain. She is promoting the yurts, which is an important part of Mongolian nomads’ lives, in Spain.

She is an owner of the Gallery Erdene-Zuu in Andalusia.


Altantsetseg Namijm’s (paintings) work shares incredible world of playfulness, tenderness and humour. The attention to details and interconnectedness of all living elements are so present. Her works could be rotated, since there is never one particular top and bottom. Every time you look, there are new entities become visible.

“She was born in Mongolia, close to the big Gobi desert. In her childhood she was living with her parentns in a small city between the camels and other desert animals. The land there is stretched out and a few people are living there. It has also an extreme climate and bold high mountains. Growing up there had a lot of influence on her as a painter. In nearly all her works is the Gobi dessert, mountains and their animals are present. She often call my paintings Dreams of Mongolia. They convey the atmosphere and bring piece of her soul.
She studied art for 8 years, 4 years art college and 4 years an Academy of Art in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. From 1988 was exhibiting together with other Mongolian artists. Later also abroad, among others, in Germany, Russia, Netherlands. She has been living in Amsterdam for 25 years. ”

Pien Vrijhof is known for scenographer, movement improvisation and composition since 1974
LIVE WORKS: movement meditation, improvisation, composition in architecture since 2010
NATURE in NATURE: movement meditation, improvisation, composition in nature since 2010.

Arrival at Zaventemweg 89
Warm-up Meditation by Pien Vrijhof
Moving with music by Dairijav (mongolian harph & voice)
Short music break, the movement continues
Moving with music by Dairijav (mongolian harph & voice)
Sharing of the experience, tea & cookie

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