Acting Workshop by ACTinFLOW (ENG)

Dinsdag 12 December

LYCKA Buurtkamer,

Who we are:
Theatre Studio ACTinFLOW
An international team of creative Ukrainians.

What we do:
We do life, humor and theater.
On the 12th of december we want to do games together with you . There will be Improvisation Games,  ACTing techniques that will allow you  enjoy your creativity.
Truth and  positive feelings are guaranteed.

Bring your self, your energy, good mood , humor.  

We speak 5 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Surzhik, Tarabar, and English, but we don’t perform it yet. There will be a debut 🙂  We are learning Dutch because we want to.

Where are we :
Come to Buurtkamer,  Zaventemweg 81  on Tuesday 12.12.2023  at 19:00 till 21:00


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